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(Helpful details added by - raj - Jan 15, 2011)

i didnt agree wid the gentleman, if you had purchased the ticket that couple had also taken dat. n they was on their side not disturbing you may be

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(Helpful details added by - Malk - Oct 09, 2012)

Hi Kevin! Had such an amazing time with this wndideg! I would have to say, you are by far my favorite photographer, hands down! Makes me just want to play dress up and pretend to be in a wndideg just to have you shoot me! Lol..

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(Helpful details added by - Cathy - Oct 08, 2012)

That's a nicely made answer to a chalelnging question

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very nice movie hall
(Helpful details added by - pawan grover - Sep 29, 2009)

i went once and found people were good parking charges were little higher but over all rating of this mall is 5 stars

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(Helpful details added by - Honey - Apr 16, 2011)

Very true! Makes a canhge to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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pathetic manager working DT Cinimas
(Helpful details added by - Suchet Mittal - Mar 20, 2010)

Yes, I agree on the above lines that its a good cinema theater. However, the managers are working over their are pathetic and don't have manners how to talk? A recent incident: Today, We bought 15 tickets and went for the first day first show for a new release movie SHAAPIT. After intermission, one of the couple sits next to us getting physical/Sexual with each other. and when we stop and told that its a family place then they start abusing us.

We reported to the manager. However, instead of listing to us, the manger said that we all moved outside the hall. Or else we can change our seat if we have any problem.

Its ridiculous!! Its an insult, When we pay for tickets, then why we move outside. We have doing nothing and the manager came with their guards and tell us to move out? we just tried to stop them, as its a public place.

On every weekend we plan to move to DT Cinimas Shalimar Bagh. but from now onwards we dont want to think to go over there....

Its really a bad expereince....

i have reported this issue in consumer court and hopefully this DT Cinimas will be Close ASAP.

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PVR conect number
(Helpful details added by - sagar - Feb 11, 2010)

PVR conect number

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